3TC #614

Since I’m going to keep it family friendly, let’s talk about sinister limerence.

I like the word because it reminds me of the lime rice my sister makes. It is always so yum, though it is also always too spicy for me. Limerence is one thing that I think happens with pretty much everyone, at least that’s the case with the people I’ve met.

I’d say I was limerent. I liked a person, never confessed and felt happy at the very sight of him(there’s more but ‘ff’). I used to hope for reciprocation but then I found something out and so, I started hoping for at least secret reciprocation.

That’s gone now, and so have my sudden smiles. Now I just do what I do and wish for another fascination. From what I’ve experienced, maybe I was sinister, but I couldn’t be something like that and I know it. There’s another part-of-my-life-I-don’t-like-talking-about since then so I had one long experience, yes.

I used the word ‘limerence’ because I didn’t want to used ‘crush’ or ‘love’ and because I thought it’d be nice for more people to find out what it actually means. Non-ff link: https://livingwithlimerence.com/what-is-limerence/


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