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I am Yumi Di, i.e. the version of me I’m currently showcasing.

Latest from the Blog

Holi 2023

It’s Holi time :)This year feels like a dream of sorts… and so does Holi. Everyone is back to being loud and playful, running around in preparation, with water balloons and colors ready to splash you down. The streets are once again filled with laughter and shouts of “Happppy Holiii !” but something tells me,…

(of an animal) return by instinct

For now, I’m happy knowing that I’m not desperate for love at the moment. I might be under influence but this patience came to me nevertheless. I like the warm feeling of knowing that there are portrayals of the kind of love I seek; it makes me feel like I’m in a vast garden. The…

Neighbor with the blanket

She plays music and dances in the afternoon. She spotted a stranger looking her way. So she closed the curtain wondered if he wondered what was going on behind it. ‘It would be nice if he were a telepath… perhaps we could talk with signs or hold up notebooks with big, bold words written on…

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